Wednesday, September 23, 2009

why and how does one travel?

today at the office while I was sitting at my friend's desk, I noticed one of the few things posted on his wall... It was the "Laws of the Lighthouse" bookmark. It was a list, which according to the author, are God-given, time-tested truths that define the way you should navigate your life.

but what really caught my attention was how he summed it up, into six, short, powerful phrases... and this is how it goes...

LIghthouse Bookmark

"Approach life like a voyage on a schooner. Enjoy the view. Explore the vessel. Make friends with the captain. Fish a little. And then get off when you get home."
-In the Eye of the Storm, Max Lucado ©1991

these six, short, powerful phrases made me think why and how does one travel...


because we want to see something new? to go someplace better than where we are now? to discover new wonders? to be amazed by nature? to get away from the hustle and bustle of your very busy, daily routine? to relax and unwind? to spend time with your loved ones?


do we travel in style? carefree? with a lot of baggage?

I think between the two, "how we travel", matters more... How we perceive the new sights and sounds. How we are awed by our new discoveries. How we explore nature. How we instill in our minds the lessons learned. How we communicate with people. How we make new friends. How graceful we get off when we get home.

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