Wednesday, September 16, 2009

where to?

I've been to several places around the country and (only) twice on a foreign land.

I love the beach.

Wherever I go, if given the opportunity and if there's a body of water nearby, I see to it that I take a plunge, a dip, a quick swim. The ocean has that certain tranquility that makes you pause for awhile and be one with her, together with your mind, body and spirit. Then again, I also love the sound of the waves and the ocean's subtle uproar from being calm and quiet. I would love to see surfers in action. In person. That is on my list.

I love the mountains too.

The cool, crisp air. The greenery that surrounds you. Simply breathtaking!

I love food.

Soooo much! Who doesn't? A travel without great food is a travel gone astray.

So, where to?

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